Manoj Acharya

Manoj Acharya

PhD Student, Rochester Institute of Technology


Research Interests

I am a PhD student in Imaging Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I am working with Dr. Christopher Kanan on machine learning algorithms mostly in the intersection of language and vision. My overall goal is to develop models capable of learning language grounded visual representations.
Besides my main research, I am also interested in studying how technology in general can be effectively used for betterment of lives in developing and underdeveloped countries. I am looking forward to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and share ideas on how AI in general can be used for more good.

Timeline Events

Jul 2020: Our paper "RODEO: Replay for Online Object Detection" is accepted to BMVC 2020!!
Jul 2020: Our paper "REMIND Your Neural Network to Prevent Catastrophic Forgetting" is accepted to ECCV 2020! (27.1% acceptance rate)
Oct 2019: Our work got featured in RIT news!!
Sep 2019: We won the Facebook Eye Tracking Semantic Segmentation Challenge!!
Feb 2019: Our short paper is accepted to NAACL 2019!!
Nov 2018: TallyQA won the best poster award in the annual RIT Graduate Showcase!!
Nov 2018: Our paper is accepted to AAAI 2019. (acceptance rate ~16%)
July 2017: Started working at Klab under Dr. Christopher Kanan.
July 2017: Passed the Imaging science PhD qualifying exam.


RODEO: Replay for Online Object Detection.
Manoj Acharya, Tyler L. Hayes, and Christopher Kanan
BMVC 2020
abstract / bibtex / code / video

REMIND Your Neural Network to Prevent Catastrophic Forgetting.
Tyler L. Hayes*, Kushal Kafle*, Robik Shrestha*, Manoj Acharya, and Christopher Kanan
ECCV 2020
abstract / bibtex / code

RITnet: Real-time Semantic Segmentation of the Eye for Gaze Tracking.
Aayush Chaudhary*, Rakshit Kothari*,Manoj Acharya*, Shusil Dangi, Nitinraj Nair, Reynold Bailey, Christopher Kanan ,Gabriel Diaz, Jeff Pelz
ICCVW 2019 (Competition Winner)
abstract / bibtex / code

VQD: Visual Query Detection in Natural Scenes.
Manoj Acharya , Karan Jariwala, Christopher Kanan
NAACL 2019
abstract / bibtex / website

TallyQA: Answering Complex Counting Questions.
Manoj Acharya , Kushal Kafle, Christopher Kanan
AAAI 2019 (Spotlight Presentation)
abstract / bibtex / website / code