%matplotlib inline
#display tokens as boxes in jupyter notebook
def jupyter_display_html(html):
    from IPython.display import display, HTML
    style = '''
        .token {
            display: inline-block;
            padding: 5px;
            margin: 5px;
            border-radius: 5px;
            background-color: #eee;
        .token[data-pos="NN"] {
            background-color: #f00;
        .token[data-pos="VB"] {
            background-color: #0e0;
        .token[data-pos="JJ"] {
            background-color: #0096FF;
    display(HTML(style + html))
#wrap each word in box and return as html to display in jupyter notebook
def pos_tagged_html(text):
    tokens = nltk.word_tokenize(text)
    pos_tags = nltk.pos_tag(tokens)
    html = ''
    for token, pos_tag in pos_tags:
        html += f'<div class="token" data-pos="{pos_tag}">{token} [{pos_tag}]</div>'
    return html

Now lets add some nice visualization color to it

pos_html = pos_tagged_html(text)

This is the HTML output

'<div class="token" data-pos="WRB">When [WRB]</div><div class="token" data-pos="JJ">Sebastian [JJ]</div><div class="token" data-pos="NNP">Thrun [NNP]</div><div class="token" data-pos="VBD">started [VBD]</div><div class="token" data-pos="VBG">working [VBG]</div><div class="token" data-pos="IN">on [IN]</div><div class="token" data-pos="JJ">self-driving [JJ]</div><div class="token" data-pos="NNS">cars [NNS]</div><div class="token" data-pos="IN">at [IN]</div><div class="token" data-pos="NNP">Google [NNP]</div><div class="token" data-pos="IN">in [IN]</div><div class="token" data-pos="CD">2007 [CD]</div><div class="token" data-pos=",">, [,]</div><div class="token" data-pos="JJ">few [JJ]</div><div class="token" data-pos="NNS">people [NNS]</div><div class="token" data-pos="IN">outside [IN]</div><div class="token" data-pos="IN">of [IN]</div><div class="token" data-pos="DT">the [DT]</div><div class="token" data-pos="NN">company [NN]</div><div class="token" data-pos="VBD">took [VBD]</div><div class="token" data-pos="PRP">him [PRP]</div><div class="token" data-pos="RB">seriously [RB]</div><div class="token" data-pos=".">. [.]</div>'
When [WRB]
Sebastian [JJ]
Thrun [NNP]
started [VBD]
working [VBG]
on [IN]
self-driving [JJ]
cars [NNS]
at [IN]
Google [NNP]
in [IN]
2007 [CD]
, [,]
few [JJ]
people [NNS]
outside [IN]
of [IN]
the [DT]
company [NN]
took [VBD]
him [PRP]
seriously [RB]
. [.]